IEEE Global Communications Conference
7–11 December 2021 // Madrid, Spain // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Connecting Cultures around the Globe

In-Person Workshop Program

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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

6G Communications
Room: N108

Session Chair: Felip Riera-Palou

LiDAR Aided Human Blockage Prediction for 6G
Dileepa Madhubhashana Marasinghe; Nandana Rajatheva; Matti Latva-aho

Selective Infrastructure Activation in Cell-free Massive MIMO: a Two Time-scale Approach
Felip Riera-Palou; Guillem Femenias; Jan Garcia-Morales; Hien Ngo

Multi-interface network framework for UAV management and data communication
Victor Sanchez-Aguero; Miguel-Ángel Fas-Millán; Francisco Valera; Ivan Vidal; Alejandro Paniagua-Tineo; Rafael Lopez da Silva; Jose Manuel Manjón

User-Centric Federated Learning
Mohamad Mestoukirdi; Matteo Zecchin; David Gesbert; Qianrui Li; Nicolas Gresset

Network Security
Room: N109

Session Chair: Simpy Parveen

DTLS with Post-quantum Secure Source Authentication and Message Integrity
Simpy Parveen; Reihaneh Safavi-Naini; Marc Kneppers

Securing Aerial Offloading via Intelligent Omni-Surface
Wen Wang; Wanli Ni; Hui Tian

Particle Swarm Optimized Federated Learning For Securing IoT Devices
Pushkar Kishore; Swadhin Barisal; Durga Mohapatra

AI for Wireless Networks
Room: N108

Session Chair: S. Ali Hashemi

Deep Neural Network based Minimum Length Scheduling in Wireless Powered Communication Networks
Nasir Khan; Sinem Coleri

Subspace Based Hierarchical Channel Clustering in Massive MIMO
Roberto Matheus Pinheiro Pereira; Xavier Mestre; David Gregoratti

The Emergence of Wireless MAC Protocols with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning
Mateus Pontes Mota; Alvaro Valcarce; Jean-Marie Gorce; Jakob Hoydis

A Tree Search Approach for Maximum-Likelihood Decoding of Reed-Muller Codes
Seyyed Ali Hashemi; Nghia Trung Doan; Warren Gross; John Cioffi; Andrea Goldsmith

Modeling a Sliding Window Decoder for Spatially Coupled LDPC Codes
Min Zhu; David G. M. Mitchell; Michael Lentmaier; Daniel J. Costello, Jr.

Network Localization and AI
Room: N109

Session Chair: Bouziane Brik

Pairwise Distance and Position Estimators From Differences in UWB Channels to Observers
Gregor Dumphart; Robin Kramer; Armin Wittneben

Adversarial Attacks Against Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework in Internet of Vehicles
Anum Talpur; Mohan Gurusamy

Communications for Edge Computing
Room: N110

Session Chair: Ramón J. Durán Barroso

A Review on Deep Reinforcement Learning for the management of SDN and NFV in Edge-IoT
Ricardo S Alonso; Javier Prieto; Fernando de la Prieta; Sara Rodríguez; Juan M. Corchado

Delay Model-Based Computation Offloading in Edge Collaboration Framework
JInho Park; Kwangsue Chung

An Optimization Framework for Edge-to-Cloud Offloading of Kubernetes Pods in V2X Scenarios
Estela Carmona Cejudo; Muhammad Shuaib Siddiqui

Optimal Service Provisioning Schemes for Multi-Layer Fog Networks
Anton Riedl; Nazli Siasi

Performance Analysis of Mobile Computing in Edge/Cloud Configurations with Feedback
Kurt Geihs

Wireless Access for Industrial IoT
Room: N109

Session Chair: Luis Orozco Barbosa

Energy Efficiency Framework for Time-limited Contention in the IEEE 802.11ah Standard
Hamid Taramit; Luis Orozco Barbosa; Abdelkrim Haqiq

Coordinated Random Access for Industrial IoT With Correlated Traffic By Reinforcement-Learning
Alberto Rech; Stefano Tomasin

A Game Theoretic Approach to Age of Information in Modern Random Access Systems
Leonardo Badia; Andrea Munari

Prototype Implementation of Dynamic Data Pruning in Smart Energy Meter
Payali Das; Sushmita Ghosh; Wadood Ahmad Khan; Shouri Chatterjee; Swades De

Security and privacy issues of data-over-sound technologies used in IoT healthcare devices
Carlos Cilleruelo; Javier Junquera-Sánchez; Luis de Marcos; Nicolas Logghe; Jose-Javier Martinez-Herraiz

Network Management for 6G
Room: N108

Session Chair: Francesco Linsalata

Stochastic Modelling of LoS Aggregate Interference in Uplink of Aerial Base Station-assisted Network
Francesco Linsalata; Maurizio Magarini; Umberto Spagnolini

A Multi-Armed Bandit Model for Non-Stationary Wireless Network Selection
Lluís Martínez; Margarita Cabrera-Bean; Josep Vidal

Understanding Exploration and Exploitation of Q-Learning Agents in B5G Network Management
Sayantini Majumdar; Riccardo Trivisonno; Georg Carle

Next Generation Networks
Room: N108

Session Chair: Marjan Abbasi Mosleh

Exploring a New Security Framework for Future Healthcare Systems
Nattaruedee Vithanwattana; Gayathri Karthick; Glenford E Mapp; Carlisle George

A Robust Protocol for Smart eHealthcare based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Fuzzy logic in IoT
Abderrazek Abdaoui; Aiman Erbad; Amr Mohamed; Mohsen Guizani

Ergodic Capacity Analysis of Large Intelligent Surface Assisted MIMO Systems
Marjan Abbasi Mosleh; Fabien Héliot; Rahim Tafazolli

3D Beamforming Based on Deep Learning for Secure Communication in 5G and Beyond Wireless Networks
Helin Yang; Kwok-Yan Lam; Jiangtian Nie; Jun Zhao; Sahil Garg; Liang Xiao; Zehui Xiong; Mohsen Guizani

Sustainable environmental sensing systems
Room: N109

Session Chair: Pietro Manzoni

Ensemble Learning for Seated People Counting using WiFi Signals: Performance Study
José Ramón Merino Bernaola; Iker Sobron; Javier Del Ser; Iratxe Landa; Iñaki Eizmendi; Manuel Vélez

Evaluating the practical limitations of TinyML: an experimental approach
Giovanni Delnevo; Catia Prandi; Silvia Mirri; Pietro Manzoni

A deep learning approach to anthropogenic load assessment for sustainable coastal tourism
Giovanni Delnevo; Silvia Mirri; Mariella Sole; Daniele Giusto; Roberto Girau

Insect biodiversity in agriculture using IoT: opportunities and needs for further research
Jorge Zapico; Fredrik Ahlgren; Marco Zennaro

Optimal Service Provisioning Schemes for Multi-Layer Fog Networks
Anton Riedl; Nazli Siasi