IEEE Global Communications Conference
7–11 December 2021 // Madrid, Spain // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Connecting Cultures around the Globe


Tuesday, December 7 7:59 - 8:00

Opening Remarks 

Tuesday, December 7 8:00 - 9:20

S1: FutureNetComm 1 

A Blockchain-based Grouped Federated Learning Scheme Against Malicious Clients
Hongle GuoYingchi Mao and Xiaoming He (Hohai University, China); Hua Nie (Suma Technology Co., Ltd., China)
Parallel Block Execution in SoCC Blockchains through Optimistic Concurrency Control
Alexander Valtchanov (Princeton University, USA); Lauren HelblingBatuhan Mekiker and Mike P Wittie (Montana State University, USA)
A Consensus Rewarding Protocol based on Two-Dimensional Contract for Blockchain Networks
Mengmeng Tian (Northeastern University & Software College, China); Yuan Liu (Northeastern University & Shenyang, China); Jiangtian Nie (Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore); Jiang Xiao (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
Performance Analysis of Wireless Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Networks Using IEEE 802.11
Ziyi ZhouOluwakayode OniretiLei Zhang and Muhammad Ali Imran (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

Tuesday, December 7 9:20 - 9:40


Tuesday, December 7 9:40 - 11:00

S2: FutureNetComm 2 

Multi-Dimensional Contract Design for Blockchain Deployment in WSN under Information Asymmetry
Weiyi WangYutao JiaoJin Chen and Gui Fang (Army Engineering University of PLA, China); Yuhua Xu (College of Communications Engineering, PLA University of Science and Technology, China)
Throughput-Efficient Blockchain for Internet-of-Vehicles
Weiquan Ni and Alia Asheralieva (Southern University of Science and Technology, China); Carsten Maple (University of Warwick, United Kingdom (Great Britain)); Md Monjurul Karim (Southern University of Science and Technology, China); Dusit Niyato (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Qiang Yan (WeBank, China)
Controlling Resource Allocation using Blockchain-Based Delegation
Shantanu Pal (Queensland University of Technology, Australia); Ambrose W Hill (University of New South Wales & CSIRO, Australia); Tahiry Rabehaja (Risk Frontiers, Australia); Michael J Hitchens (Macquarie University, Australia)
Coverage Analysis of Blockchain-enabled Wireless IoMT Networks
Xuran Li (Shandong Normal University, China); Hong-Ning Dai (Lingnan University, Hong Kong); Jie Tian (Shandong Normal University, China); Dehuan Wan (South China University of Technology, China); Dengwang Li (Shandong Normal University, China)