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WS-15: Workshop on 6G Oriented Trustworthiness

WS-15: Workshop on 6G Oriented Trustworthiness

With the accelerating commercial deployment of 5G networks around the world, potential requirements and technologies in the future 6G era have been widely discussed. To inspire users to access 6G networks and continue to subscribe to 6G, 6G should be trustworthy. How do we describe 6G trustworthiness?  How to approach trustworthiness? Challenges? Opportunities. 

Trustworthiness is established in technologies such as trusted network architecture, cryptography, wireless technologies, AI, privacy preservation, etc. The definition and KPI of trustworthiness, the measurement model of trust, and related solutions to building trustworthy networks have become hot topics in industries. But they have not yet been customized for 6G.

As a cross-cutting field, 6G trustworthiness needs to combine telecommunication, security, privacy, and many other disciplines. The trustworthy 6G is targeting to achieve the best balance in practical applications in both telecom networks and trustworthiness.

It's time to research 6G-oriented trustworthiness technologies. This workshop provides the opportunity for attendees from both academia and industry to exchange views on the trustworthiness in technology regarding 6G trustworthiness. The topics of include, but are not limited to 6G Blockchain, 6G Quantum-safe Technologies, Physical Layer Security, AI Trustworthiness, formal security verification, attack and defense, attestation, and security evaluation in the 6G Era.