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WS-24: IEEE IoST-5G&B: 2nd Workshop on Recent Trends of Internet of Softwarized Things - 5G & B

WS-24: IEEE IoST-5G&B: 2nd Workshop on Recent Trends of Internet of Softwarized Things - 5G & B

Scope and Topics of the workshop

The advent of Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) redefines the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) to make it more compatible with next generation communication networks. The random service demands of end users compel the researchers from industry and academia to rearchitect the old network models and make them open, programmable and adaptive in nature. This new structure will provide real time users with centric service demands. The Internet of Softwarized Things (IoST) is a dynamic programmable system of interrelated and interconnected digital machineries and computational devices with the ability to communicate informative data without the intervention of human beings.

The emergence of cellular networks like 5G, introduces services to cover all possible user to machine, machine to machine communications that provide the optimum QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) to the end users. The openness of the network architecture gives the TSPs (Telecommunications Service Provider) and TNOs (Telecommunications Network Operators) huge flexibility to add, remove, update and modify any network services in no time. Uninterrupted high-quality network services with minimum latency is one of the key features of softwarized IoT in 5G.

This workshop is aiming to get original scientific contributions both in theoretical and experimental research and test case models, detailed experience reports from experimental testbeds that will be extremely helpful in the upcoming technological revolution.  Furthermore, additional focus will be given to areas related to the role of data mining and machine learning in modelling and deploying IoST. It aims to present the most important and relevant advances to overcome the challenges related to security, data analytics, and energy aware solutions in Internet of Things.

This workshop will serve as a forum for sharing experiences and findings relating to protocol design, real testbeds, experimental evaluation, prototyping and empirical characterization of security, privacy, QoS, QoE and other relevant issues in IoST. This workshop will also focus on techniques, experiences and lessons-learned with respect to the state-of-the-art solutions for 5G and B5G (Beyond 5G) and IoST along with some open challenges. The workshop welcomes regular papers and poster papers for demonstrations of novel work / work-in-progress in these emerging areas.  It is also encouraged to submit research works related to development of testbeds, measurement platforms, and innovative prototypes.

The topics for the workshop will be:

> APIs, protocols and algorithms for the management of softwarized IoT
> Low latency and Dynamic bandwidth allocation in softwarized IoT
> Security Measurements in softwarized IoT
> End-to-end Network Slicing architectures
> Slicing security and security-as-a-service
> Blockchain in distributed SDN in 5G & Beyond
> AI/Machine learning for softwarized networks
> Federated Learning for softwarized edge networks 5G & Beyond
> Interpretable Machine Learning for softwarized networks in 5G & Beyond
> (De-)composition of virtualized network and service functions
> Service Functions Chains (SFC) modeling, representation and management in 5G & Beyond
> Network slicing and slice management in 5G & Beyond
> Efficient network and service monitoring
> QoS/QoE-based management and control in softwarized networks
> Debugging and introspection of softwarized networks
> Measurements and benchmarking in softwarized networks
> Network Scalability Measurements for softwarized networks in 5G & Beyond
> Controller Placement Problems for softwarized networks in 5G & Beyond
> Energy Efficient IoST deployments for 5G & Beyond
> Intelligent Network Resource Allocation in 5G & Beyond network
> Edge, Dew, Fog Computing for softwarized networks in 5G & Beyond
> Network and service automation in 5G & Beyond
> Algorithms for efficient orchestration in 5G & Beyond