IEEE Global Communications Conference
7–11 December 2021 // Madrid, Spain // Hybrid: In-Person and Virtual Conference
Connecting Cultures around the Globe

10 December: In-Person Technical Program

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Computing Security
9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N110

MIRAI Botnet Attack Detection with Auto-Associative Dense Random Neural Network
Mert Nakip; Erol Gelenbe

Blockchain-based system for e-voting using Blind Signature protocol
Perez Garcia Julio Cesar; Abderrahim Benslimane; Samia Boutalbi

Friend or Foe: Discerning Benign vs Malicious Software and Malware Family
Aaron Walker; Tapadhir Das; Raj Mani Shukla; Shamik Sengupta

NGS: Mitigating DDoS Attacks using SDN-based Network Gate Shield
Mohamad Suhel Dalati; Weizhi Meng; Wei-Yang Chiu

Trust-based gateway selection in a multi-tiers blockchain architecture
Yasmine Bachi; Abderrezak Rachedi; Djamel Eddine Menacer

9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N111
Chair: Virginia Pilloni

Activity Detection using 2D LIDAR for Healthcare and Monitoring
Mondher Bouazizi; Chen Ye; Tomoaki Ohtsuki

Patient-Driven Network Selection in multi-RAT Health Systems Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Heba Dawoud; MHD Saria Allahham; Alaa Awad Abdellatif; Amr Mohamed; Aiman Erbad; Mohsen Guizani

BePOCH: Improving Federated Learning Performance in Resource-Constrained Computing Devices
Lenart Ibraimi; Mennan Selimi; Felix Freitag

Daily Activities Monitoring of Users for Well-Being and Stress Correlation Using Wearable Devices
Francesca Marcello; Virginia Pilloni

Enhancement of COVID-19 Detection by Unravelling its Structure and Selecting the Optimal Attributes
Andreas Andreou; Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; George Mastorakis; Jordi Mongay Batalla; John Sahalos; Evangelos Pallis; Evangelos K. Markakis

A Wearable Wireless Monitoring System for the Detection of Pulmonary Edema
Katjana Krhac; Kamran Sayrafian; Uzay Bengi; Sema Dumanli

Green Communication Systems
9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N109
Chair: Xianfu Chen

Secure Performance Analysis of RIS-aided Wireless Communication Systems
Dinh-Thuan Do; Anh-Tu Le; Shahid Mumtaz

Performance Optimization in Heterogeneous WiFi and Cellular Mobile Edge Computing Systems
Liwen Niu; Yangjie Cao; Celimuge Wu; Rui Yin; Xianfu Chen

Energy Efficient Data Recovery from Corrupted LoRa Frames
Niloofar Yazdani; Nikos Kouvelas; R. R. Venkatesha Prasad; Daniel E. Lucani

A Distributed Approach to Energy Efficiency in Seamless IoT Communications
Venkataramani Kumar; Jiahui Yu; Feng Ye; Guru Subramanyam

9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N112
Chair: Mi Chen

Semi-Supervised Learning for Channel Charting-Aided IoT Localization in Millimeter Wave Networks (WITHDRAWN FROM IN-PERSON PROGRAM)
Qianqian Zhang; Walid Saad

STEPS - Score Table based Evaluation and Parameters Surfing approach of LoRaWAN
Mi Chen; Lynda Mokdad; Jalel Ben Othman; Jean-Michel Fourneau

Congestion-Aware Routing in Dynamic IoT Networks: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Hossam Farag; Čedomir Stefanović

Dynamic Router's Buffer Sizing using Passive Measurements and P4 Programmable Switches
Elie F. Kfoury; Jorge Crichigno; Elias Bou-Harb; Gautam Srivastava

Indoor monitoring system based on ARQ signaling generated by a Visible Light Communication link
Joan Bas; Jose Antonio Ortega; Martí Busquets; Alexis Alfredo Dowhuszko

Cloud and Edge Computing
9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N109
Chair: Yuval Ben-Hur

Context-Aware Augmented Reality with 5G Edge
Jacky Cao; Xiaoli Liu; Xiang Su; Sasu Tarkoma; Pan Hui

Throughput Maximization of Virtual Machine Communications in Bandwidth-Constrained Data Centers
Jeff Lutz; Bin Tang; Christopher Gonzalez

Coding on Dual-Parameter Barrier Channels beyond Worst-Case Correction
Yuval Ben-Hur; Yuval Cassuto

Fault-Tolerant Computation Meets Network Coding: Optimal Scheduling in Parallel Computing
Congduan Li; Chee Wei Tan; Jingting Li; Siya Chen

Variable Coded Batch Matrix Multiplication
Lev Tauz; Lara Dolecek

Signal Processing for Communications
9:00-10:30 CET
Room: N108
Chair: Kun Chen Hu

Effect of Spatial Correlation on the Performance of Non-coherent Massive MIMO based on DMPSK
Manuel José López-Morales; Kun Chen-Hu; Ana Garcia Armada

A Simplified Multi-Antenna Receiver for General Binary-Modulated Ambient Backscatter Signal
Xiyu Wang; Huseyin Yigitler; Riku Jäntti

Wideband Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO Channel Training via Compressed Sensing
Tzu-Hsuan Chou; Nicolò Michelusi; David Love; James Krogmeier

Optimal, Low-Complexity Beamforming for Discrete Phase Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
Juan D Sanchez; Erik L Bengtsson; Fredrik Rusek; Jose Flordelis; Kun Zhao; Fredrik Tufvesson

Analysis and Compensation of Spatial Correlation in Data Transmission Using RIS
Xiao Chen; Hao Huang; Guan Gui; Hikmet Sari

AI-based estimation
11:00-12:30 CET
Room: N108

LTE Device Identification Based on RF Fingerprint with Multi-Channel Convolutional Neural Network
Pengcheng Yin; Linning Peng; Junqing Zhang; Ming Liu; Hua FU; Hu Aiqun

Learning-aided joint time-frequency channel estimation for 5G new radio
Nitin Jonathan Myers; Hyukjoon Kwon; Yacong Ding; Kee-Bong Song

Dual-Net for Joint Channel Estimation and Data Recovery in Grant-free Massive Access
Yanna Bai; Wei Chen; Yuan Ma; Ning Wang; Bo Ai

Neural Augmentation of Kalman Filter with Hypernetwork for Channel Tracking

Temporal Averaging LSTM-based Channel Estimation Scheme for IEEE 802.11p Standard
Abdul karim Gizzini; Marwa Chafii; Shahab Ehsanfar; Raed Shubair

Network Virtualization
11:00-12:30 CET
Room: N110
Chair: Sami Souhi

Placement, Routing and Scheduling Optimizations in Cloud-RAN
Hatem Ibn-khedher; Makhlouf Hadji; Ahmed E. Kamal

Machine Learning based Root Cause Analysis for SDN Network
Van Tong; Sami Souihi; Hai Anh Tran; Abdelhamid Mellouk

Evaluating Softwarization Gains in Drone Networks
Mohannad Alharthi; Abd-Elhamid M. Taha; Hossam S. Hassanein

ML-driven scaling of 5G Cloud-Native RANs
Akrit Mudvari; Nikos Makris; Leandros Tassiulas

Towards SDN-based Deterministic Networking: Deterministic E2E Delay Case
Aiman Nait abbou; Tarik Taleb; JaeSeung Song

Quantum, Molecular, Biological, and Multi-scale Communications
14:00-15:30 CET
Room: N109
Chair: Max Schafer

Channel Modeling for Drug Carrier Matrices
Maximilian Schäfer; Yolanda Salinas; Alexander Ruderer; Franz Enzenhofer; Oliver Brüggemann; Robert Schober; Werner Haselmayr

Spatiotemporal Control of Genetic Circuit with Pulse Generation for Molecular Communication
Dadi Bi; Yansha Deng

Private Set Intersection with Delegated Blind Quantum Computing
Michele Amoretti

Leader-Follower Dynamics for Diffusion-based Molecular Communication
Jorge Torres Gomez; Wayan Wicke; Karel Toledo; Robert Schober; Falko Dressler

Resource allocation II
14:00-15:30 CET
Room: N110
Chair: Hui Wang

Decentralized Cooperative Resource Allocation with Reliability at Four Nines
Carlos Santiago Morejón García; Rasmus Liborius Bruun; Troels B. Sørensen; Nuno K Pratas; Tatiana Madsen; Ji Lianghai; Preben Mogensen

Data-driven Network Orchestrator for 5G Satellite-Terrestrial Integrated Network: The ANChOR Project
Fabio Patrone; Giacomo Bacci; Antonio Galli; Pietro Giardina; Giada Landi; Michele Luglio; Mario Marchese; Mattia Quadrini; Cesare Roseti; Giancarlo Sperlì; Attilio Vaccaro; Francesco Zampognaro

Optimal Cost Network Design for Bounded Delay Data Transfer from PMU to Control Center
Arunabha Sen; Sohini Roy; Kaustav Basu; Suli Adeniye; Sandipan Choudhuri; Anamitra Pal

Multi-objective Mobile Charging Scheduling on the Internet of Electric Vehicles: a DRL Approach
Hui Wang; Ran Wang; Hu Xu; Kun Zhu; Changyan Yi; Dusit Niyato

Service and Mobility Management
14:00-15:30 CET
Room: N111
Farid Nait Abdesselam

Node Localization in WSN and IoT Using Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm (WITHDRAWN)
Miloud Mihoubi; Abdellatif Rahmoun; Pascal Lorenz

IoTRoam - Design and implementation of an open LoRaWAN roaming architecture
Sandoche Balakrichenan; Antoine Bernard; Benoit Ampeau; Michel Marot

A Genetic Algorithm for the Placement of Latency-Sensitive Multiplayer Game Servers in the Fog
Benamer Amira Rayane; Khaled Boussetta; Nejib Ben Hadj-Alouane

Blind Symbol Timing and Carrier Phase Estimation for PCMA Satellite Signals via Cyclic Statistics
Andreas Feder; Martin Hirschbeck; Wolfgang Gerstacker

Complex Network Analysis for Ultra-Large-Scale MEC Small-Cell Based Peer-Offloading
Hao Ran Chi; Maria de Fatima Domingues; Ayman Radwan

Software Defined Networking
14:00-15:30 CET
Room: N112
Chair: Ali El Amine

QCell: Self-optimization of Softwarized 5G Networks through Deep Q-learning
Bernardo Casasole; Leonardo Bonati; Salvatore D'Oro; Stefano Basagni; Antonio Capone; Tommaso Melodia

Towards Scalable and Expressive Stream Packet Processing
Alessandra Fais; Giuseppe Lettieri; Gregorio Procissi; Stefano Giordano

Shortening the Deployment Time of SFC by Adaptively Querying Resource Providers
Ali El Amine; Olivier Brun; Slim Abdellatif; Pascal Berthou

A multidimensional coloured packing approach for Network Slicing with dedicated protection
Hicham Lesfari; Frederic Giroire; Giuseppe Di Lena; Chidung Lac

V2X, UAVs and QoS
14:00-15:30 CET
Room: N108
Chair: Augusto Casaca

Autonomous Network Traffic Classifier Agent for Autonomic Network Management System
Claire Naiga-Serugunda; Sisay Tadesse Arzo; Fabrizio Granelli; Riccardo Bassoli; Michael Devetsikiotis; Frank H.P. Fitzek

Transfer Time Calculation in FANET and WSN Networks in Crisis Scenario
Grace Khayat; Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; George Mastorakis; Jordi Mongay Batalla; Evangelos Pallis; Evangelos K. Markakis

Autonomous UAV Aided Vehicular Edge Computing for Service Offering
Mohammed Laroui; Hatem Ibn-khedher; Hassine Moungla; Hossam Afifi

On Heterogeneous Transfer Learning for Improved Network Service Performance Prediction
Fernando Garcia Sanz; Masoumeh Ebrahimi; Andreas Johnsson

MIINT: Middleware for IIoT Platforms Integration
Riccardo Venanzi; Alberto Cavalucci; Luca Foschini; Paolo Bellavista